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Skyline Chestnuts

Opening Day for the 2022 season is October 19th.    

Unless you have reservations (see the Home page), general admission begins at Noon. Whenever the parking lot is full, you can make a curbside purchase or park elsewhere and hike in. Admission past the farmstand is closed once all available chestnuts have been gathered.

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Our chestnuts are 100% as nature intended; no pesticides or fertilizers are used on the trees and only organic growing practices are employed.

Skyline Chestnuts is a pick-your-own type of orchard, which means you get to venture off the path and among the trees to gather the chestnuts you want. (It's like a nutty little Easter egg hunt!)

We recommend wearing sturdy, closed-toe shoes or hiking boots to protect your feet from the chestnut burrs. We have buckets and leather gloves for you to use while you are here. 

After you gather chestnuts, you have the opportunity to sort through them on our specially designed sorting tables. You pay for only the chestnuts you want to keep. 

We accept cash and credit. In 2020, chestnuts were $8 per pound for cash, and $8.50 per pound for credit purchases. In 2021 we had less crop and higher labor costs, so chestnuts were $10.50/lb. Prices for 2022 will be updated shortly.

A few picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis for your enjoyment should you wish to bring a lunch and sit for a bit.

Due to high fire danger, no smoking, barbecues or fires are allowed at any time.

Leashed dogs are welcome in the parking area ONLY and are not allowed in the Orchard. Open Space trails that allow leashed dogs are available just to the south of the Orchard.



Skyline Chestnuts is proud to offer a rare honey: chestnut honey. It's produced by our own honeybees from our chestnut trees. This premium honey is sold exclusively at the orchard. It's our most requested item, and we do tend to run out before the season is over. 

All season long we also sell raw, ultra-local honey from hives in the surrounding hills. We offer honey made from the nectar of single varietals, like eucalyptus and sage (delicious!) and from mysterious blends of local wildflowers (exotic!). Taste the difference!



Bee's Home

Honey Bee

Chestnut Cookbook

Chestnut Roasting Pan

Chestnut Knife


How do you like your chestnuts? Most folks roast them and eat them straight out of the shell. Some cultures make chestnut stuffing or soup. Others eat them raw! If you're looking for ideas, we have the cookbook for you. 


Properly roasted chestnuts taste great and are easier to peel. Our chestnut pans produce a more even roast when cooking over an open flame. They work well for BBQs, in the fireplace, or over a gas burner. Our long-handled model is perfect for roasting chestnuts over a firepit or a campfire. S'more chestnuts, please!


The short hooked blade on our chestnut knives make scoring and peeling chestnuts much easier and safer. You can get one up at the orchard, where we also offer tips and demonstrations to speed up your chestnut prep.